Sunday, January 18, 2015

Casa del floro, December 2014

" a loving casa"

Once upon a time,
there were 2 loving parents who loved their son very,very much...
they don't have much...just a simple dream that their child
be raised up with love and hope in his heart...
and for them as parents to be an inspiration on the true value and meaning of life...
which is FAMILY...

Soon after, the son met the woman of his parents' dreams...
the woman who became the "wings" of the son to fulfill the dreams that his parents started...
A true Blessing because the woman's family shares the same goal and dream 
for their own family members---an Unconditional sisterly and brotherly love...
the woman's' family extended their love and  supported the dream with their whole hearts...
for the son and the woman to fulfill their own dream ...
for their children...

And this story,
would pass-on from their children to their children's-children...
and up to the next generation to come...

personally, i have enjoyed designing and doing this site...for the main reason
that you would really feel the support of each member of the family.. that was extended to me
and my team...
a site full of trust, confidence and patience..
which turns-out to be one of the most successful site that I ever had... :)

...the story of casa....
the first plan is to make the area open for the public...
but when it was turned-over to ma'am ginny & sir gelo, they've decided
together with the "council of elders" have it as a private resort
for the whole enjoy:)

awesome exterior....
casa del-floro facade
a covered area for the family to gather..
and also can serve as a coffee shop in the near future:)

entrance of the main resort:)

photo courtesy of ma'am ginny:)
side area of casa

contemporary- neutral color finish; with Capiz accents*

at night....

as you enter the resort...

open and common area:)

pool area view 1

pool area view 2

pool area-daytime

view from second floor terrace:)

open area 3

baby...when using the pool!:)

pool area view 4; with the duyan:)

children bonding!:)

facade area
sitting room

facade details

facade details 2

interior design

main coffee shop/
living area

details 1

details 2

second floor design..
suite 1

suite 1 details 

details 2

details 3

details 4

suite 2

details 2

details 3...with me:)

other details...
bathroom details 1

ground floor main kitchen:)

...sharing that the pool has it's full-side fountain...
done by kuya lito and his team..:)

construction process:

pool area/ outdoor area

bedroom view

bedroom view 2

coffee shop/
living area

our artistic take on things unused and forgotten..
giving life and making it an art form...

This site gave us the opportunity to unite as a team and bring forward the best 
work that we may be able to give for the whole family..

we thank you ma'am ginny for your
trust and confidence...
until our next project...
which is now..hehehe..

so watch out for the opening os
Hotel Raya!:)

Special thanks to:

popoy and jb
foreman and site foreman

tatay jim, tatay edgar
with henry and kuya jojo
kuya bobby, kuya egan, tay oca
fewelito, utoy, merwin, tata, kano
tony, bunso, marlon
and the other people who gave their time and effort
for this site to be as beautiful as it is..
also to kuya lito's team:)

and to our muse
project manager rocel:)

See you all again for Hotel Raya!:)


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ms. Celle Petilla's home, November 2014

" a beautiful journey"

The moment that I set-foot at Ms. Celle Petilla's home,
I knew I am up for a roller-coaster ride...
a ride that sets  a high standard tho valuing humility;
a ride that is overwhelming (oh the clutter...); yet very, very patient (yes, it was organized)
a ride that is very exciting; yet sure on every step..
and a ride full of high expectations; yet understanding on every detail implemented ..

our journey on this project gave us the wisdom to accomplish the things that we need to do
regardless of time, scope of work & budget,..
and at the process, we have learned from her--- a lesson which we would carry
as we move-on to our next journey...

what we have learned? :)
....that design shouldn't be based only on things that we want & need for ourselves
but rather; it has to be a certain compromise & consideration with 
everybody that is "inside" your home...
that our children's opinion matters:)
from color, to textures, to function and to style...

and this made Ms. Celle's home a truly beautiful one...

her beautiful home....

the new living room

living room 1 details

living room 2 details

dining area

dining area detail 1

dining area detail 2

Main Kitchen

main kitchen detail 1
(left side area)

main kitchen detail 2
(right area)

second floor bedrooms.....

master's bedroom

girl's room

guest room

the new exterior:)

we would like to thank ms. celle for her patience and trust
and for being very gracious to all of us:)

this is actually her second home that we had finished,
and we thank her for the opportunity:)

special thanks also to
rocel, arnel & jayson
also to
bob, fewelito, utoy, merwin, henry
tay rey and the rest of the team:)